Roku Account Setup

Roku Account Setup

Accomplishing the Roku account setup correctly is a mandatory and a very important step for the Roku activation and streaming Roku channels.  Roku is a great boon in the world of entertainment and for streaming the amazing channels, Roku account setup occupies a very important role. Roku has various models and the primary setup of all the models remains more or less the same. If you follow each and every step of the Roku account setup correctly, it is not an impossible task. Additionally, our customer service agents are available 24/7 to assist you and clear all your doubts.

Before carrying out the Roku account setup, there are a few important steps which you need to carry out appropriately and correctly. They include,

Roku Account Setup

The hardware setup of the Roku device

Selecting the correct Roku input

Selecting the correct Roku input

Connecting the Roku device to wired/wireless network.

Connecting the Roku device to wired/wireless network.

Updating the Roku software

Updating the Roku software

Roku streaming models

There are various types of Roku Streaming models available in the market. Check out the below list to know about the various Roku models.

  • Roku 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Roku Express and Express Plus
  • Premiere and Premiere Plus
  • Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick Plus
  • Roku Ultra

Roku Express and Express Plus

One of the best launches in the world of Roku models is the Roku Express. The devices bring up all the modern characteristics for easy and smooth streaming.

However, the Roku Express Plus is one of the best Roku streaming devices for older televisions and carries extra benefits than the Roku Express.

Streaming Stick and Streaming Stick Plus

If you are looking for any portable Roku devices, the Roku Streaming Stick is the ultimate option for you. The device is handy and comes with modern and advanced features. However, setting up the Roku Streaming Stick is slightly different from the other Roku streaming models.

Then comes the Roku Streaming Stick Plus with amazing response time, a simple interface, Wi-Fi antenna and multiple entertaining applications. The device produces crystal clear picture quality despite the TV model you are using.

Roku streaming models

Premiere and Premiere Plus

The Roku Premiere and Premiere Plus were launched in the year 2016. Both the models can stream video with high resolution from various services including Netflix, YouTube and Amazon. The only difference between the Roku Premiere and the Premiere Plus is the remote controller. The Roku Premiere device uses infrared remote whereas the Premiere Plus makes use of an RF signal which permits the users to hide the device behind the TV.

Roku Ultra

Get hold of the Roku Ultra device if you want to experience 4K and HDR movies and TV shows and get the benefit of maximum features as compared to the other Roku models. Along with amazing digital audio output, the device also comes with a remote controller.

Roku setup for any Roku models

The Roku account setup stays same and constant for any Roku streaming models leaving the Roku Streaming Stick. For accomplishing the Roku account setup, executing the Roku primary setup correctly is a very important step. Follow the guidelines given below to carry out the Roku primary setup step by step.

  • For connecting the Roku streaming player with the TV, you must acquire a strong and high speed HDMI cable.
  • You have to link the router of Ethernet port with the Roku streaming player if the Roku device holds an Ethernet port.
  • It is very important to select and pick up the correct Roku select input.
  • Connect the power adaptor to the electricity vent and link your Roku player to the power connector.
  • Moving forward, do not fail to slot in the batteries in to your Roku remote controller.
  • Make sure to choose and pick up the Roku select input wisely and correctly on what you stream on the TV.
  • Thereafter, power on the Roku device along with the HD TV and you will come across the Roku logo on the TV screen. Once the Roku logo appears, choose your comfortable language via Roku remote.

Connecting Roku to wireless network

Acquiring a wired Roku network is easy if the Roku device carries an Ethernet port. Moreover, you can obtain a Wi-Fi connection if you are using the new generation of the Roku models. Carry out the Roku wireless connection by going through the procedures that are mentioned below.

Start connecting the Roku device to Wi-Fi network after opting for the Roku wireless setup.

As soon as you opt you will come across a bunch of accessible networks.

Henceforth, provide the password for the Wi-Fi correctly after opting for network name and if you fail to locate the wireless network name, click “Scan again to see all network”.

Make sure to provide the Wi-Fi password correctly and contact the internet provider’s customer agents if you fail to memorize the right password.

Wireless connection and how to improve it’s quality

Follow the below mentioned tips and tricks to perk up the quality of the Roku wireless connection.

  • The signal potency of the wireless network plays a very significant part in improving the quality of the network.
  • It is very essential to utilize a strong and high-speed internet connection as suggested.
  • To resolve any router issue, take the router to a place where there is no physical obstruction or blockage for streaming videos without any hindrance. If the same wireless network is used by other streaming devices, decrease the use of other devices and keep a check on the internet plans.
  • Selecting the correct Wi-Fi network and inputting the password is equally important which creates and impact on the strength of wireless network.
  • If you still face any streaming problems, restart the Roku player as well the wireless router. You can also unplug the Roku device as well as the TV, keep it idle for a few seconds and reconnect them again.

The Roku software

After accomplishing the Roku wireless setup effectively, the device will start looking for a software update. For every 24 to 36 hours, the Roku player will search for the availability of any new software updates. You do not have to anything manually because the Roku players will itself update the newer software automatically. But, to ensure whether the Roku device is running the latest version of the software, you can slowly check by following the below directions.

  • Scroll to the Home option with the help of Roku remote and you can see the “System” option which is available under the Settings menu.
  • For installing the most-recent software version, you have to select and tap for the System update under System option.

Significance of Roku account setup

  • You can add the Roku channels from the Roku channel hub with the help of the Roku account.
  • Moreover, you can also manage and control the Roku streaming device with the help of Roku account.
  • Additionally, the Roku account will also administer the settings of your Roku devices as well as the Roku channels that you subscribe and purchase.

Creating Roku account

Once you have successfully executed the Roku primary setup and the Roku wireless setup, acquire a Roku account by scrolling to the Roku official website and opt for the option “Create Account”

Start providing your valid information including the name, email id and a safe and secure password for generating the Roku account.

Henceforth, agree to the terms and conditions available on the screen and click the “Continue” option.

Roku activation code

Moreover After accomplishing the Roku account setup, it is mandatory to link your Roku streaming player and the Roku account for the activation. You have to get hold of the Roku activation code for accomplishing the Roku activation effectively. However, the Roku activation code can be easily acquired from the TV screen. You can see the Roku activation code on the TV display when you power on the TV along with the Roku player for the first time.

The Roku activation code will expire if you do not use the code within a particular given time. Do not worry. If the code terminates, you can easily obtain a new Roku activation code by tapping the Star (*) button of the Roku remote controller.

Executing Roku activation

The Roku activation is an easy and simple process unless and until you do it correctly and rightly. Surf to the after logging in to the Roku account and moving forward you have to enter the Roku activation code correctly for activating the Roku device. After you are done with the Roku activation successfully, then navigate to the Roku channel hub to search and add channels according to your choices.

Roku mobile application

The Roku mobile app is easily available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.Manage your Roku device on the grip of your hand by installing and successfully launching the app on your mobile device.

Make sure to connect the Roku device to the same wireless internet network as the mobile/tablet.

Setting up Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick is easily compatible with any television model which holds an HDMI network that connects to the HDMI port of the TV directly. Get hold of a free HDMI extender cable if the Roku Streaming Stick is incapable to attach to the HDMI port of the television due to insufficient space. Thereafter, insert the Roku Streaming Stick. Moving forward, take the Roku remote handy and tap the “Input” or “Source” option. Make sure to opt for the correct input that you select for your Roku Streaming Stick. For powering the Roku Streaming Stick device, you have to link one end of the USB cable to the Roku device and the other end to the television USB port. Additionally, a power adapter can also help you to connect to the power outlet.

However, the wireless connection, software downloads and generating Roku account remains the same irrespective of any Roku models. If you still face any difficulty while carrying out the Roku account setup, launch the Quick Start Guide or contact the Roku customer service agents to assist you.

Roku Express setup

It is always advisable to use the high speed HDMI cable that comes with the Roku Express during the device setup. Attach the Roku Express device with the help of an adhesive tape if it is needed. Very importantly, make sure to select the right TV input to which the Roku Express is connected. However, the rest of the process including the Roku account setup and the Roku activation remains constant.

Standard IR and Enhanced remotes

There are two types of Roku remotes available. The type of remote controller depends on the Roku streaming device you are using. The Standard IR remote must be directly pointed at the Roku player. There should not be any blockage when the signal is traveling from the remote controller to the Roku device. However, the Enhanced remote does not require direct pointing for the Roku device to function. For launching a connection to the Roku device, the Roku Enhanced remotes use a process termed as “pairing”. All the Roku Streaming Stick includes a Roku Enhanced remote.

power on Roku device

Unable to power on Roku device

Roku device not switching on is a common error you can come across while executing the Roku account setup. Follow the below steps to troubleshoot the error and carry out the Roku account setup without any hindrance.

  • If you are using a power vent for connecting the Roku device, make sure to use the power adapter that comes with the device. Verify whether you have securely attached the Roku player with the power outlet. Additionally, ensure and verify the Roku device light and also attach the device to a foreign power vent if you are unable to solve the issue.
  • Moreover, it is advisable to utilize the USB cable which arrives with the Roku device for connecting the TV.


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